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Digital Marketing Jobs is no ordinary marketing job board or random vacancy list. Here, brilliant Digital Marketers can find a new exciting career turn and recruiters can browse a selection of the top-rated talents in the UK in the field.

What You Expect From Us

As you have noticed, we do things a little different, here at Digital Marketing Jobs. We believe that this boutique job niche is in continuous expansion and deserves its platform. We hope you will need to stay on our site for as short as possible and find the right job or digital marketer straight away. 


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A Job Board Tailored to a Boutique Job Niche

While we focus only on creating relationships between recruiters and Digital Marketers, it does not mean that the selection of talents on our site is limited. Any SEO expert, PPC campaigner, digital designer, social media executive or digital marketing manager, and influencer marketer will feel right at home here.


Unique Job Alerts

Let's start with what we do best: finding opportunities! We know how valuable a talented digital marketer can be for a company, and we know how much a digital marketer needs a satisfying job. That is why, on this platform, you can find a list of the best opportunities posted by renowned companies. Best of all, we will send you away only the ones we know you are the most interested in!


Expert Career Advice

No matter how much of an expert in the field you are, everybody needs a bit of coaching sometimes. Whether you are looking at deepening your knowledge or at learning a new skill, pay a visit to our "Career Advice" page. Here you can find the wise advice of experts in the industry, as well as success and inspirational stories of fellow Digital Marketers.


Exclusive Industry Insights

Even if you have not been in this industry for long, you have noticed how quickly things can shift. Updates are released every week, new programs change the face of our routines, and innovations require us to master new skills quickly. Yet, there is an easy trick to stay afloat in this changing market: staying informed! As you sign up, we will keep you informed of everything that is happening in the industry as it happens, so you can enjoy a head start over the competition!


Hire a Digital Marketer

Digital marketers are undoubtedly invaluable professionals that can make a company shine. Yet, you have to know a thing or two about the industry before hiring the right one. If you are not sure where to start, trust our expert advice: we will send you away to only the most qualified, experienced, and suitable marketers in our pool. Of course, you can then find out about their talent yourself!


Find a Digital Marketing Job

Digital Marketing can be a field in expansion and filled with opportunities, yet the competition is fierce. Trying to secure the dream job can be tricky, especially as there is always somebody more experienced than you around. However, we believe that each marketer's talent is the perfect match for a company out there. Our only job is to facilitate the meeting! search the latest marketing jobs or browse marketing jobs by location